Outsourcing means transferring certain business process to third-party specialized companies. Opposed to consulting, which is one-time or episodic service, outsource is a professional enabling of continuous trouble-free running of a separate business sector. One of important reasons of using outsource function is cost saving, but it would be wrong to consider that the only aim of outsource is savings. The main reason is to get rid of non-core business processes and use eliminated organizational, finance and human resources for new directions or to focus on main company products. Recently outsource service is highly sought with companies, who deal with wholesale and retail sales of imported goods, or with manufacturers using imported raw materials and details.

IVED company offers following outsourcing services:

  • Foreign partners search
  • Developing contract conditions, concluding contract
  • Optimal logistics scheme development
  • Obtaining all necessary permitting documents
  • Custom clearance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Delivery process control
  • Calculation and payment of custom payments

Main advantage of IVED company is full transparency, foreseeable price-list and full legal and tax compliance.


If you are intending to, or already performing import-export activity within your our company structure, IVED would like to offer:

  • Consulting on every aspect of import-export activity, will advise, how to make it legally clean and prepare that you could operate fully without our help
  • Consulting in new contract drafting or analysis of existing contracts

Customs consulting:

  • Custom clearance advice, checking customs payments calculations
  • Help in registering at custom post
  • Consulting in HS code matching
  • Help in gathering all necessary documents for invoice value confirmation


Logistics consulting:

  • Help in developing new optimal logistics for cargo delivery or optimizing current one
  • Organizing consolidated




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