IVED Company appeared on the market of freight forwarding services not long ago, but has already established itself as a reliable and adequate logistics services provider.

The peculiarity of our company - it was created to serve existing cargo traffic, because working with other forwarding companies couldn’t meet requirements for price and quality. Therefore, we know very well what services may be needed in foreign trade and would be glad to offer it to you.

We are committed to provide maximum transparency and convenient service where you will be able, as a constructor, to pick only options which you need, at a predictable price list, which will not have any unexpected additional costs.

Recent import-export market trends show growing importance of working fully legally, "in white." We specialize exactly in this area of ​​foreign trade activities and are willing not only to provide such service, but also to prepare you to operate without our services.




140060, Moscow Region, Lyubertsy District,
Octyabrskiy, Sovetskaya Str., house 14

+7 (916) 718-5400, +7 (499) 3942321

Email: mb@i-ved.ru , bn@i-ved.ru